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ARE Test Burner

At Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc., we are committed to serving the needs of our customers by providing them with the highest level of quality equipment and services possible.

As the manufacturer of CHALLENGER® Waste Reduction Grinders and Thermal Biomass Combustion Systems, we understand the need for testing and research to qualify our equipment in order to provide our customers the highest level of confidence in their investment. This testing and research can also help pave the way for permitting and performance guarantees, which can be required of projects using funding from financial or government organizations.

Here at our manufacturing and test facility, located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania , we have CHALLENGER® Waste Reduction Grinders available specifically for customer test grinds to qualify throughputs, material sizing, and applications prior to purchase. In many cases, this can initiate and secure contracts for customers who plan to sell the reduced material, guaranteeing a revenue stream the day the system is put into operation.

Our in-house CHALLENGER® CCUE404-A “Warm Air” Thermal Combustion System also provides opportunities for our customers to address any issues they may have prior to purchase, regarding emissions, the value of their material as a fuel source, or the general combustibility of the product.

We have the capabilities to reduce the customer’s product, store the material, transport it to and through our material storage and handling system, and ensure that it is combusted for maximum results. We will also work with certified Emissions Testing companies that are either requested by the customer or provided by Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. Often times, providing state or federal agencies with analytical data, such as stack test results and ash samples, can ease the permitting process and sometimes help to speed things along.

During the winter months, our CHALLENGER® Thermal Combustion System serves as our primary heat source, as well as being utilized for test burns and stack testing for our customers. In the off-season, the unit is fired on demand to assist any of our customers in testing and/or qualifying the combustion capabilities of their products.

Our CHALLENGER® CCUE404-A Combustion Unit is equipped with Extended Combustion Zone, Auto DeAsh and PCC Controls to optimize our testing capabilities.

Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. extends an open invitation for the use of its test facility to any customer wishing to conduct combustion or waste reduction testing. Just give us a call toll free at 1-800-611-6599.

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