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Grinders Gallery

  • This CHALLENGER® CHSP400-40110-F “Slab/Pallet” Grinder processes green hardwood slabs and pallets into Mulch.
    The processed material is taken away via Conveyor and loaded into a truck.

  • This CHALLENGER® CHSP200-40DP-F “Slab/Pallet” Grinder processes green slabs to animal bedding.
    Once processed by the Grinder, the material is taken away via Screw Auger to a Storage Building.

  • This CHALLENGER® CG300-3037-SR-T “Hopper” Grinder processes green hardwood cut-offs to Boiler Fuel and Animal Bedding.
    This Grinder is used to produce Boiler Fuel during the winter months and Animal Bedding during the rest of the year.

  • This Turnkey Installation shows a CG500 dual drive hopper grinder and a conveyor take away System that adds even greater efficiency to your recycling process.

  • Challenger CG500-4045-FR-D-T with Covered Conveyors

  • CG1000-5075-FR-D-T

  • This CHALLENGER® CG1000-5075-S-D-T “Hopper” Grinder processes green softwood waste into burner fuel.
    The processed material is taken from the Grinder by a material handling fan into a storage unit.

  • This CHALLENGER® CH500-40150-SR “Horizontal” Grinder processes hogged hardwood material to fine core material.
    The processed material passes through metal detection and removal to a 40 HP Blower and Dual Truck Unloading System.

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Horizontal Grinders

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Slab-Pallet Grinders

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