Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc.


Specializing in adding value through waste reduction & thermal combustion

Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. is the manufacturer of Challenger ® BIOMASS COMBUSTION SYSTEMS. Our Thermal Combustion Systems range from 750,000 to 60,000,000 BTU and are designed to combust a wide variety of biomass materials, such as sander dust, MDF, particleboard, bark, agri by-products and all other forms of clean biomass waste.

Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. also offers Challenger ® GRINDERS with the most comprehensive and complete line of grinding equipment in North America. Challenger ® Grinders are second to none in performance and structural integrity. With over 70 models available, we can meet every customer’s needs.

Biomass Combustion Systems

CHALLENGER® Thermal Combustion Systems will strengthen your bottom line by reducing...

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Hopper Grinders

Engineered to cut through your most difficult waste material, such as bark, green wood, plastics, paper...

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Horizontal Grinders

Built to handle small blocks, end cuts, edgings, and small slabs with ease.

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Slab-Pallet Grinders

This cutting system has been engineered to cut through your most difficult slab/pallet material.

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